Tuesday, June 01, 2010

ALIVE with my new Qanba Q3 Fighting Stick

I have return! To bring my dead back frm hell! Along comes with my newly acquired Qanba Q3...... which i purposely bought just to play Super Street Fighter 4.

Big box...... but still smaller than my HRAP3.

Open up and its looks great with all the packing.... so many layersof wrapping.

The build is good enough, and the printing on its is not annoying too. What makes it even better is that its wireless. This was always a problem with me, i hate long wire that is so hard to manage. For those who are worry about input delay or some sort of delay, this baby does not have such problem during my SSF4 fight.

Buttons located at all three side, one USB wired for charging..... yes only charging, you must have the wireless dongle insert in the PC or PS3 for it to be recognize and connected. The USB doesn't have any function beside charging and if you lost it i think u can tried contact the manufacturer to build one for u.

This stick is manufacture by a China company. However the stick holds up and feels like a Madcatz TE stick, buttons and stick are all using Sanwa parts. Its is heavy but not as heavy as the HRAP3 but guess it is to make it easy to bring along.

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