Saturday, February 06, 2010

Final Fantasy 13 Chinese Edition

I have been playing SquareEnix RPG since the early days where they were still call Squaresoft in the SNES. All the time i have been gaming in English since i dun understand JP that well, and finally yesterday SCET announced that a Chinese Version FF13 will be release on the coming May!!! What a shock.... first time i get to have a great JP RPG ported to the PS3 in Chinese.

One of the reason of this out rages announcement is because of the great anti-piracy system that PS3 had, and the rise of sales of original software in China. Finally consumer that understand Chinese dun need to choose in between JP and English, they can have their own language version.

Anouncement during 1.20min onwards

Ok info frm SCET has confirm that the FF13 Chinese version will be in Chinese Text + Sub while all the VA will remain in JP. What great news for all the Chinese Literate gamers, it would be definitely better than the English dub version which i think most ppl complain about.

GOOD JOB SquareEnix and Sony!!!


Q said...

Yep definitely good news for people like me since I live in Hong Kong, and it's even better that the voices will stay in Japanese as well rather than being dubbed to another language (though I heard the English isn't so bad actually). This may mean that the theme song is very likely to be kept as "Kimi ga Iruka" as well.

And since me and my sister are planning to buy a PS3 with the game as well this is a double joy for us~

Anonymous said...

That's great! Does anyone knows if this version will also include English subs? Hong Kong, after all, is practically bilingual (Chinese/English). Thanks!

S.o².t.B. said...

Sorry but frm what i heard and see online.... there is no English in this version.
It is purely a JP FF13 with Chinese Text added.

老表 said...

told u u dun believe~~tsk tsk..ur info so outdate