Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Macross PVC Ranka & Shirley

More Macross gal PVC for me. I acquire the Alpha Omega Shirley almost 2 months ago without opening her up for sunshine, and only thought of doing so when i receive my Megahouse Ranka.

So the first thing i notice after i opened up my Shirley Nome was that it has some blue paint transfer frm its shirt to her arm.

So nothing cannot be solve with a Hobby knife....since the original PVC is mold in the skin tone color so by scratching the surface everything should be fine.

Yeah nothing beats the Diva of the Universe

The face expression and eyes are all really well done...

You can swap around with her performance outfit or even mix them up.

Ok then is time for Ranka Lee. Ranka is in her China Dress Nyan Nyan Outfit, which give you and option to either put on her apron.

Ok now i sense a big difference.... the quality and the feel of Megahouse Ranka is way better than Alpha Omega Shirley.

What I really like about her is her expression.

Apron on

It comes with three 'bau's.

Overall both of them are really well made Macross Frontier PVC... even better than my Alpha Omega Klan. But if you make me choose one as my favourite now that would definitely be Ranka.

So now i am looking forward for next year Alpha Omega Ranka Lee Cinderella version... maybe that one gonna take over my current Ranka to become my favourite Macross Frontier PVC.

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