Tuesday, January 19, 2010

SD RX78 30th Anniversary Ver.

This SD took me quite some time to color it, I was busy and had no time for my hobby.

SD Gundam are really cute but also really troublesome to paint since they are also the one with the most in-proper color than the original due to parts limitation. This is not an exception for this SD Gundam RX-78. This is a 100% clone of the original SD Gundam from the old old SD G Generation series.

So all its white parts are in a greenish type of white (like those Jegan type of color) so if you dun paint them i dun really want to display them at all.

No water decal for this kit, so i was stuck with those green color base sticker...

This is first and only SD Gundam i ever finish over all this year. All I could said is i would really like to finish my RX-78 Gundam collection....

Frm the left onwards is SD RX78 30th anniversary, HGUC RX78 ver2.0, and MG O.Y.W RX78.

But i know i cant complete it without the first PG ever made and that is PG RX78... but i missed the chance to get it on RM300.....

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